Welcome ^-^

While walking down the street you spot a little shop crammed between two large stores.
You walk into the store to find it completely empty except for a piece of paper sitting on the
counter. You pick up the paper and read what it says: "Welcome. If you like surprises then please go to the back room." Curious to know what is there, you proceed to the back room. When you get there you see 10 little gift boxes lying on the floor. A sign behind them says:
"Ryuusei Gift Boxes. Pick one and see what awaits you inside"

Gift Boxes Lasted Updated: 7/26/08
Current Gift Boxes Will Open On/Around: 8/09/08

How the Gift Boxes Work:
What you do is copy and paste one of the ten gift boxes onto your site (you have to direct link them or they won't work). After you've picked your gift box keep an eye on it. Over time it will magically open and you will find yourself with a Ryuusei no Rockman sprite.

I'll update the gift boxes every 2-3 weeks. Three out of the ten gift boxes are empty so choose wisely. The color of the gift box has nothing to do with what sprite you get. Once the gift box opens you need to save the sprite to your computer or it will end up getting replaced by a giftbox.

Previous Gift Box Prizes:

If you take a gift box please link back to this page. You can use either a text link or this button:

Original Gift Box Sprite from GaiaOnline.
Ryuusei Sprites from Sprites INC.